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Introducing Irving Group

Irving Group is proud to be one of the leading business groups of Bangladesh, a trusted name in the service sector. The group was founded in 1989, at the dawn of an age when Bangladesh service sector industries were taking shape. Over the years, Irving expanded its horizons to different sectors of Service and beyond.
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Over 20 years, Irving has paid close attention to customers’ needs. Irving has a proud history of delivering exceptional results. 

Irving currently circles its customers with value-added services through its numerous business units: Human Resource (Manpower Recruitment), Real Estate, Airlines Sales Agencies, Travel Agency, Tour Operation, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Banking, Leasing Finance & Insurance. Each of these businesses is dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality, most highly efficient products, systems and services.


Around the world, Irving operates in nearly 10 countries, provided employment over 150,000 workers. To meet global demands it has its own representative in Dubai the commercial hub of Middle East and Associates in Malaysia, USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India and Taiwan.


Irving Group seeks to offer the highest and most elevated standards of performance and services in all its sectors. This is a principle to which it has been committed since its foundation. A key value of the group is the ability to be reliable, ethical, and trustworthy with a great sense of heritage. Its cast iron ethics underpin its incontestable integrity and business practices.

A Message

From The Chairman

It is a great honor for me to perceive the enormous accomplishments and successes achieved by Irving Group over the past years.


Our Group has planted and developed its roots in Bangladesh, expanding them to cover various countries, while excelling in its different activities. Its booming record is a proof to the continuity of its achievements, which has converted it into a leader in various fields.


The corner stone behind the chain of successes realized by the group is, undoubtedly, the devotion of the administration and the distinguished staff that enjoy the highest professional and proficientstandards. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all staff whose efforts and dedication havecontributed to the results achieved during the years.


In coming years, we intend to go ahead and reach new milestones with the aid of the Almighty Allah,and with our ambitions of attaining more progress and success.

Our Concerns

Leading manpower recruitment company in Bangladesh.

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Trusted real estate development company which is a symbol of quality 

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One of the leading IATA accredited travel agent in Bangladesh.

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Aims to provide quality service in the field of tours and travels globally.


One of the oldest ISP company which ensures quality and excellence

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GCC approved one of the best medical check up center.

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Provides authentic results in medical check up sector.

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Reliable travel & tour agency which provide quality service.


One of the renowned travel agencies in Bangladesh

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Aims to create specialized manpower.


A professional academic consultancy firm, helping students achieve their academic goals abroad.



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Reliable travels company which ensures quality service.


Aims to provide reliable service to the customers.


Aims to be the most reliable service company in cargo service sector.


Reliable global service company in the field of cargo service.


Well renowned in the field of money exchange business.


Concerns of Parent Group

Our Concerns

Our Concerns

Concerns of Parent Group

Doing the right thing, at the right time.

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As A Group

Our Vision

Our vision is to diversify our investments and open new markets in order to pursue new investment prospects locally and regionally through a horizontal and vertical expansion approach. We are constantly working to maintain our brand, which is well-known for its integrity and dedication to business morals, as well as partnering on market growth.

Our Mission

In all of its sectors, Irving Group efforts to have the best and most exalted levels of efficiency and operation. From there, the Irving Group and its subsidiaries gathered thousands of highly trained employees to provide services to institutional and individual clients that met the highest quality and productivity standards. 

Since 1989
We started our journey with the vision to serve the people and as a whole contributing to the nation.
Excellence Record
  • ISO 9001 Certified

  • Over 150,000 Workers

  • Reliable, Ethical & Trustworthy

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